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UtterAI Products and Solutions

Elevate your business using faster and reliable solutions developed in:

  • Document Processing
    • Extract meaningful data out of all types of documents (PDFs, Images, Scanned docs) in a usable format with faster and unmatched accuracy
  • Generative AI
    • AI generated content from articles and journals to content for your business presentations
  • Text Analysis
    • Perform from a wide range of text analysis tasks like Sentiment Analysis, Feature Extraction, Topic Modelling, Language Detection, QnA, Text Summarization and much more.
  • Video Content Generation
    • Generate video content using Custom AI Avatars, Speech Cloning for building your Social Media Strategy
  • Speech Analysis
    • Transcription solutions for Speech-to-Text and Text-to-Speech

What We Do

Learn what UtterAI can do for you

OCR Document Processing

Extract meaningful textual data out of PDFs, Images, Scanned Docs using UtterAI pre-trained models for best inclass accuracy and performance. We have so far processed, over One Billion multilingual documents with accuracies between 97% to 99.999%.

AI and Automation

Use UtterAI Generative AI solutions to automate content for powerpoint presentations, social media posts, journals and article and much more...

AI and Analytics

Integrate UtterAI with enterprise data to get scheduled or in real-time access to meaningful insights, business reports, KPIs powered by UtterAI Ask.


UtterAI Products

With an experience of processing over One Billion documents ranging from PDFs, Images, Scanned Documents, Goverment Approved ID Cards, Product Catalogues and Labels, we have a proven expertise in extracting textual data in a usable and searchable format.
We have processed documents in over 12 languages with an accuracy and performance latency which is best in comparison to any existing solution available.

Our solution offers :

High Accuracy

High Scalability

Low Latency

UtterAI ASK for

  • Business KPIs,
  • Mission Critical Reports and,
  • Data Summary

Are you tired of the hassles involved in collecting Business KPIs, Mission Critical Reports and Data Summary using complex analytics tools, dashboards or even people?
If yes, UtterAI ASK is just the right solution for you.
UtterAI ASK BOT has been trained to understand business domain specific conversations and create appropriate responses with information extracted out of enterprise data. Access reports, WHAT you need, WHENEVER you need, without any dependency on tools of human resources.

Automate Content for your next :

Powerpoint Presentations

Social Media Content

Articles and Journals

UtterAI Social Media Data Analytics

With UtterAI Analytics, we have helped businesses analyse 1B+ social media content, in multiple laguages empowering them to establish a data driven Social Media Strategy.
Perform Context Detection, Sentiment Analysis, Keyword Extraction, Topic Modelling, Language Detection, QnA, Summarization and much more, using UtterAI Analytics.

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UtterAI Products have been developed using the latest technologies and innovation in Machine Learning and AI. Our team of highly qualified developers have meticulously crafted customized solutions around business problems that matter.

Easy Integration

UtterAI products and solutions are easily integratable and compatible with a wide variety of technology stacks and environments. We deploy customized solutions on premises or on cloud.


UtterAI resources are accessible over APIs. Reach out to us to get customized quotes for your specific requirements.


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