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UtterAI aims to enrich the sports viewing experience of millions of sports fans, by generating fastest contextual insights, during the game, as they happen. UtterAI products keep sports fans hooked-on, thereby driving user engagement

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Transform Enterprize analytics

Plug-in UtterAI widget to your existing dashboards or reporting consoles.

Fast track business decisions

UtterAI can significantly reduce your dependency on analytics tools, saving your precious time and effort.

Its not only about reporting

Use UtterAI to share reports, set reminders and schedule tasks, and much more - Just ASK!

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What's new at UtterAI?

Omnichannel interface

Any data source

Self learning Module

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UtterAI Products

UtterAI is transforming how fans interact with their favourite sports!

Check out our sports product at UtterAI Cricket

UtterAI IPL Stats

UtterAI sports allows cricket fans to discover interesting stats and insights using simple conversations. UtterAI has clocked more than 200,000 queries and 1 million stats impressions on social media platforms.

UtterAI Powerstats

UtterAI Powerstats, stitches cricket trivia and interesting insights into powerful stories using AI, for fans.

UtterAI Augmented Scorecard

Experience the fastest score updates and match insights which engage fans at a whole new level, with UtterAI Augmented Scorecard

UtterAI Enterprize Stats is enabling an online gaming startup, analyze player game-play data in real-time!

Enterprize Stats for Promotions and Sales

UtterAI Enterprize Stats allows sales and promotions team to get a 360° view of player's gameplay. It empowers team members to quickly decide and execute promotions strategy.

Saves time and resources

Much of the time that was earlier wasted in relying on critical resources, waiting endlessly for reports. Or, struggling with excels, crunching data, is now saved and directed towards building better strategies.

UtterAI Travel is a new age travel planner which uses AI to curate personalized travel experiences for users.

Experince the travel

We all can agree searching and scrolling through listings is a boring and repetitive process. Worst of it, you have to do it afresh everytime you book your next holiday. Using complex AI models, UtterAI evaluates user's preferences and curates a travel plan which are sure to get you excited!


Talk to your data

Advanced NLP

Get access to feature rich NLP engine capable of understanding complex sentence contructs and statistical terminologies.

Query Builder

At UtterAI, machine learning doesn't stop at NLP layer, we take it next level - query builder.

View Engine

From simple textual representations to stunning graph visuals and intuitive infographics to make your experience enriching.

AI Assist

One of a kind inbuilt assist layer which suggests queries, doubles up as task scheduler or set reminders. You can use it to send emails, notfications and much more.


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